Fully Serviced Websites

Why a Website?

A website ensures your products, services and the information in your custody can be placed before your customers in the way you want it to be. The data is not filtered by a community or directory, it is yours.

Web browsing is how customers find products, services and information in the 21st Century.

Checking the web is also what tech savvy, affluent buyers confirm what they read in the newspaper or hear by word of mouth.

If you need to trade in 2008, you need a website.

What can Your Website do?

Your website can:-

Say what you do.

Display your wares in high quality still and moving pictures.

Advertise and draw attention with motion.

Allow your customers to trade with you and buy your products and services using the electronic equivalent of mail order.

Your Business Requirements

Your website needs to be tailored to meet your business needs, something does best.

If you offer quality services locally, then your website should clearly state this (it is difficult to get a hot meal from Campbelltown to Mawson in the Antarctic, or even Mawson in the Australian Capital Territory) a service area map being able to give visual emphasis.

Whilst a website can visually represent a product, and provide testimonials, but it does not allow customers to check things out in detail, feel tomatoes, take a test drive, etc. Many customers will be wary of electronic ordering in the same way they are wary of other forms of mail ordering (a 2 cm long model car can be photographed to look 30 cm; it is only when it arrives in the mail that you know you’ve been had). They will also have heard the alarmist claims by the media about electronic ordering. So if your products do not lend themselves to electronic ordering, or you are not in a position to set up and maintain such a delivery channel (it has to be done well), then do not. Most buyers will not use it anyway, they would prefer to come to your premises and feel the wares, or have you visit them to draw up the plans for their new renovation.

If the goods or services can be provided by mail order / delivery or provided electronically, and your organisation has a high reputation in this field, then a secure ordering and payment solution can be provided.

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